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Home Preservation With Habitat

Habitat for Humanity's "Home Preservation" program focuses on helping low-income homeowners maintain the safety and comfort of their homes through critical repairs and improvements. This program addresses essential needs such as fixing structural issues, improving accessibility for elderly or disabled residents, and enhancing energy efficiency. By assisting with these repairs, Habitat for Humanity helps families maintain their homes, preserve their financial stability, and ensure a safe living environment. The Home Preservation program ultimately strengthens communities by supporting homeowners in keeping their residences habitable and sustainable.

Past Projects

Home Preservations Story

Habitat for Humanity's Home Preservation program began as an extension of the organization's mission to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing. Launched to address the needs of low-income homeowners who struggled to maintain their homes due to financial or physical limitations, the program aimed to prevent displacement and neighborhood decline. Over time, it evolved to include a wide range of services, such as exterior repairs, weatherization, and accessibility modifications. The program's roots trace back to Habitat's broader efforts in community revitalization and its commitment to empowering homeowners to stay in their homes. By focusing on preservation, Habitat has been able to expand its impact, ensuring that existing homes remain safe and livable for those in need.

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